hard disk repair

disk hard repair

Hard Disk Repair – How to Repair Bad Sector by Using Spinrite

By: Indra Zakki

Hard Disk Repair

Hard Disk Repair

If you found a bad sector on your hard disk, you need to repair your hard disk. Hard disk repair is possible to fix the very annoying bad sector on the hard disk. You see that bad sector make your hard disk running slow and also make your hard disk often crash. You can fix your hard disk and also get your lost data back by using software. One of the best software in the market that use for this is SpinRite.

SpinRite is software for scanning magnetic disk (storage device) like IDE, SATA, USB, floppy, ZIP and others. This SpinRite software also can recover data from them and refresh the surface so the hard disk will operate more reliable. To use the SpinRite software is very easy. This is some tips using this software.

–          You need to download the SpinRite software in to the CD. For this you will need a CD writer and also a CD recording tool like Nero or etc.

–          After you have writes the CD you must restart your computer and then change the boot hard disk in to boot from the CD because the SpinRite software is running from DOS mode. This is needed to make the hard disk not used by other program.

–          The SpinRite software will examine your Hard Drive and ask you which Hard Drive partition that you want to check (Choose the Hard Drive partition that you think it has a bad sector or unreadable data or the work slowly).

–          Choose the repairing option that you like to do.

The time that needed to repair the hard disk by using this SpinRite software is depending the size and the health of the hard disk, so it can take from hours to days.

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