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How to Create CD Boot for Computer Protection

We need good tools to create a good computer protection, but sometimes we need to create by our self that toll for computer protection, just like CD boot. Maybe CD boot is a small thing but it will become a very important thing to have. OK, there some case that the user who use Windows 7, forget their password. To face this problem is very easy if we have the Windows 7 CD installer to reset the Windows 7 password, but what if we do not have the windows 7 CD installer (maybe because we have loose it). This is where we need CD boot.

To create this CD boot for windows 7 is very simple, but if your computer is locked because you forget the password you need to use other computer to do this. So the first thing that you must do is go to internet and download disk boot Offline NT Password & Registry Editor application. You can download this application at this address “”. You also can download ImgBurn application to burning ISO image file to CD.

After you download the ImgBurn application, you must run this application and then go to source and click burn button and burning disk boot. I hope that all the steps above are easy to follow. It is very easy to create CD Boot as tools to create a good computer protection and to solve problem like reset password in windows 7 when we do not have the CD installer.

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