maxtor external hard drive

external hard drive

Maxtor 1.5 TB OneTouch III Turbo Edition Hard Drive

By: Indra Zakki

When your Hard Drive becomes overload you need to upgrade your Hard Drive. Right now maybe you have a big capacity of Hard Drive but if you have a lot of files and lot of them are big capacity files, in the short time your Hard Drive will full and then you need to upgrade your Hard Drive in to more big capacity. You can avoid this problem by using External Hard Drive. Right now External Hard Drive built with big capacity just like Maxtor 1.5 TB OneTouch III Turbo Edition Hard Drive which has 1.5 TB capacities.

The Maxtor 1.5 TB OneTouch III Turbo Edition Hard Drive have dimension 11.2 x 8.6 x 7.4 inches and weight 6 pounds. Just imagine how many data you can save with this External Hard Drive. Using this External Hard Drive is very easy you just have to connect this External Hard Drive by using one of these three connections that is USB, FireWire 400 or FireWire 800 to your computer. This Maxtor 1.5 TB OneTouch III Turbo Edition Hard Drive is compatible with both Mac and windows OS and it and it arrive preformatted for the Mac and includes the 924 chipset.

External Hard Drive

External Hard Drive

When you buy the Maxtor 1.5 TB OneTouch III Turbo Edition Hard Drive you will get the portable drive, software, FireWire 800 cable, FireWire 400 cable, USB 2.0 cable, external AC power supply, and quick start guide. Also to make you feel comfort the Maxtor gives you 1 year limited warranty.

The Maxtor 1.5 TB OneTouch III Turbo Edition Hard Drive is suitable for you who needs disk stripping speed of RAID 0 for intensive disk-access applications or the security of RAID 1 for automatically mirroring data. And this External Hard Drive will gives you extra huge capacity and performance to your computer and also will become your storage solution.

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